cheap moncler coats FOUR TOWERS, 1,000 FLATS, OVER 30M PROFIT BUT DEVELOPER PAYS LESS THAN 50% OF PLANNING FEES cheap moncler coats

Next week, Salford Council will finally consider a planning application from developer moncler outlet store X1 for 1,100 apartments in moncler factory outlet four huge ugly towers at MediaCityUK. According to the Council’s own figures, X1 is expected to moncler outlet jackets make up to 38million profit on the scheme yet, due to viability’ issues, the developer will pay only around half of the planning fees it should be paying.

buy moncler jackets Meanwhile other planning applications for Salford Quays submitted by Peel Holdings for a six storey office block and Tokenhouse Investments for 300 student flats will also bring meagre returns to the city. buy moncler jackets

moncler sale Finally, X1 has submitted an application which will be considered by Salford Council next week. It’s for 1,100 flats, in four ugly 26 storey towers, touted by its agent Knight Knox as the largest residential development moncler sale in the North West’. moncler sale

cheap moncler outlet The mix of smart pads’, plus one, two and three bedroom flats, with prices ranging from 94,950 to 169,950 plus 15,000 for a parking space, is estimated by Salford Council’s own figures to bring in a developer profit of around 38million. cheap moncler outlet

The last planning moncler sale outlet application, in 2012, for this site off Michigan Avenue on the Quays gave a figure of 3,651,520 for planning fees for 1,036 apartments. Now, with 64 flats added, the amount should be even higher. However, X1 will be asked to pay less than 50% of this figure.

« The applicant, whilst in agreement to provide a financial contribution, does not agree, for reasons of scheme viability, to moncler outlet contribute the full amount considered by the City Council as necessary to mitigate the impacts of the development » states the planning report to be considered by councillors.

moncler outlet online « The applicant has submitted a viability appraisal in support of their position » it adds « The applicant’s viability appraisal has been reviewed by the City Council’s surveying consultants who have moncler jackets outlet concluded that the applicant’s case is sound. » moncler outlet online

moncler outlet store There is no affordable housing within the four towers, and, instead of over 3,651,520, X1 will make a contribution’ of 1,300,740 towards improvements to the junction of Trafford Road and Broadway, and possibly a Quays loop road, with the usual clawback mechanism’ in place « should the viability of the development increase in the future ». moncler outlet store

moncler moncler outlet uk outlet Planning fees moncler jacket sale are used to offset impacts on the city caused by new developments and are used for things like public realm, parks, roads, reducing climate change, training construction workers and more. Two other developments at the Quays to be considered by the planning panel next week will also see meagre returns. moncler outlet

First up is Peel Holdings’ or Peel Land (Intermediate) Ltd scheme for the erection of a six storey office block housing two thousand BUPA staff on the Quays, near to the X1 Media City development, adding to the Moncler Outlet growing congestion, infrastructure stress and pollution in the area.

The planning officer’s report states « that moncler outlet online the provision of housing for up to 300 students would have an impact on the public realm near to the site and in particular routes that students would use to reach the university campuses at Peel Park and Media City ».

In light of this impact, the developer has agreed to pay a mere 37,500 « towards tree planting along Cross Lane and Howard Street ».

cheap moncler jackets Based on Salford City Council’s Planning Obligations SPD stats for high density, high value areas’ in which 600 flats would produce 21million developer profit. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler It is concerning that X1 feel sufficiently confident cheap moncler to market the apartments they plan to sell, before planning permission has even been secured. It implies the permission process is simply a rubber stamp, and at some point along the line, the committee have been ‘nobbled’ to ensure the right outcome. I am less concerned about the waiving of planning fees. Salford is a risky investment it has high levels of poverty and low levels of human capital and the developers aim to attract talent from outside. Equally, the Council wish to improve the reputation and prospects of the City so may legitimately be willing to waive fees to secure the development of the City. It is not as sinister as it sounds and happens at local and national moncler outlet sale level all the time and its purpose is to entice investors into otherwise unattractive areas for investment. The Quays is looking better year on year. cheap moncler

Peel’s argument is just laughable. Are they saying that unless they are let off their planning obligations they will have to tell Bupa (with https://www.moncleroutletssale.com whom they have an agreement to occupy the new building) ‘sorry no can do’ and allow them to move into a competing development? Of course they wouldn’t! They would just review their procurement, building design and construction approach until the necessary savings were found. That is if you believe all this viability hogwash in the first cheap moncler jackets sale place. The Council should stand firm and call their bluff.

moncler sale outlet Star date: 6th July 2018 moncler sale outlet


monlcer down jackets At yesterday’s planning panel of Salford City Council, councillors approved plans for almost 300 private rent flats in Lower Broughton, and then rejected plans from Salix Homes for over 100 affordable rent flats at Canon Green Court. monlcer down jackets

cheap moncler sale Councillor Peter Wheeler, addressing the panel, said the decision was « bonkers ». It had, of course, nothing to do with Fred Done and Urban Splash developments nearby cheap moncler sale.